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Established in 2004 under the name BERJAYA TEKNIK until 2016 has sold many machines and other technical tools from brand happy and has served customers both domestically and abroad with a commitment that upholds maximum service with quality products.

In 2016 TECHNICAL BERJAYA changed its name to BERJAYA GENERATORS which only focus on selling generator engines from various famous brands with the best quality.

BERJAYA GENERATORS is the only largest distributor company that sells generator machines that have got a cooperation agreement with the brands we sell. BERJAYA GENERATORS official distributor company from Honda, Yamaha, Firman, Kubota, Subaru, Winco, Kohler, Generac, etc.

To improve the quality of service in transactions, in 2017 BERJAYA GENERATORS create website www.berjayagenerators.com which aims to facilitate our customers in transactions, in addition to transact our website can also be used by customers for direct communication with our online marketing, can even ask About the product to be purchased.

Our hope with the website www.berjayagenerators.com can facilitate our customers, as well as our prospective customers in buying and selling transactions, and can further improve the quality of our services